The Panteleimon Project
The Panteleimon Project
Публікації. Publications. PUBLICATIONS
"Panteleimon" - database of medical-biological, chemical-pharmaceutical and chemical publications printed in scientific and scientific-practical journals in Ukraine and Russian Federation since 1998 (some publications are indexed from the first issue).
Журнали. Journals. JOURNALS
"Panteleimon" - database of medical-biological, chemical-pharmaceutical and chemical journals in Ukraine and Russian Federation.
Дисертації. Dissertations. DISSERTATIONS
"Panteleimon" - database of abstracts of dissertations.
Установи. Facilities. INSTITUTIONS
"Panteleimon" - database of institutions, establishments, organizations and authors who presented the publications.
Вхід в бази даних. Entrance to the databases. DATABASES ENTRANCE
Новини. News. NEWS
As for today, there have been indexed in the database
50576 publication[s] from
135 source[s].

Only main chapters "Publications" та "Journals" are available for now.

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Плани. Plans. PLANS
· Work out principles and create scientific board of "Panteleimon"
· Work out principles of including journals into "Panteleimon" databases
· Organize close contacts with journals editors
· Finish creating scientific institutions and medical facilities databases
· Create database of dissertations abstracts
· Carry out users questioning concerning need of including journals issues older than 1998 into "Panteleimon" databases
· Work out statistical analysis and reflection of users requests spectrum to "Panteleimon databases"
Проблеми. Problems. PROBLEMS
· General problems
· Journals problems
· "Panteleimon" problems
Дискусії. Discussions. DISCUSSIONS
Discussions about "Panteleimon"
Проект. Project. PROJECT
· Guidance of "Panteleimon" project and database filling
· Search engine
· Web design
· Marketing
· Administering
Пантелеймон. Panteleimon. PANTELEIMON
Panteleimon - who was heДалі. Next.
Зв'язок. Communications. COMMUNICATIONS
Communications with "Panteleimon"